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In the beginning...

All stories begin this way and this one is no different. Thank you for looking at this website, which I call "Tek Rants from the Messiah."

Now of course, I'm not the Messiah, but since my parents named me Jesus, hey might as well take that as "bearing the cross I was given." No pun intended mind you.

I'm a techie in the tech industry and these pages will be filled with blog posts on things I've encountered in the field and what little knowledge I know that I can share with my tech geek buddies and hopefully guide them in their endevours as well. This will also be a blogging site, that I hope you will participate in and provide feedback as well to me. Critical or none, I don't care. I don't get butt hurt easily, so do your worst, I'm a big boy.

Until the next rant...